Ability Tests

AEI. Aptitudes en Educación Infantil - Pre-School Aptitudes Assessment
M.V. de la Cruz - 4-5 years - group or individual. - 60 minutes

Assessment of the most important aptitudes for learning in Pre-School Education.

BAC. Batería para la Actividad Comercial - Sales Activity Battery
N. Seisdedos - teenagers and adults - group. - 50-60 mins of effective work

Assessment of 6 aptitudes considered basic for the professional sales activity.

CAMBIOS. Test de flexibilidad cognitiva - Test of Cognitive Flexibility
N. Seisdedos - teenagers and adults - group or individual. - 7 minutes

Assessment of the cognitive flexibility in a complex graphic task.

DIVISA. Trees Simple Visual Discrimination Test
J. Santacreu, P. Shih Ma & M.ª A. Quiroga - 6 - 12 years. - group or individua...

Assesment of the global attention in children in educational and clinical contexts.

RP30, Resolución de Problemas - Problem Solving
N. Seisdedos - teenagers and adults - group or individual. - 17 minutes

Speed and flexibility to make logical operations.

TISD. Test de Interpretación Selectiva de Datos - Test of Data Selective Interpretation
N. Seisdedos - adults - group or individual. - 20-30 minutes

Diagnosis of mental capacity in high levels.

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